Improving the statistics and information disclosure system of real estates

(14) Establishing and improving information system and information release system for the real estate market. People’s governments in the cities should expedite the survey of housing conditions, fully command information regarding local housing aggregates, structure, conditions and consumption characters, establish and improve the information system and information release system for the real estate market and increase information transparency in the real estate market. Market surveillance and analysis system should be improved while statistics and real estate authorities should periodically publicize situation regarding market supply and demand and housing prices so as to release information of market supply and demand fully, timely and accurately.

(15) Insisting on correctly guiding orientation of public opinion. Publicity regarding the real estate market policies should be strengthened to ensure objective and fair report of the situation in the real estate market and lead the public to establish a correct understanding of housing consumption. Misconducts such as providing false information, viciously speculating and misleading the consumers’ expectation will be dealt with seriously.

Ministry of Construction, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Supervision, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Land and Resources, People’s Bank of China, State Administration of Taxation, National Bureau of Statistics and China Banking Regulatory Commission.

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