Gradually solving the housing difficulty of low income households

(11) Speeding up the establishment of urban low rent housing system. Low rent houses is the main channel to solve the housing difficulty of low income households so the coverage of low rent house system should be widened gradually and stably. Cities still without a low rent housing system must establish it before the end of 2011 and rationally ascertain as well as publish the construction scale of such low rent houses for this year and next year. The financing sources for low rent houses must be in place. People’s governments in cities must use a proportion of the net profit from the sale of land for the construction of low rent houses, while finance departments at all levels should reinforce their support in this regard as well. By the end of 2011, all regions must arrange the construction of low rent houses to some extent.

(12) Standardizing the development of economically affordable houses. All regions should continue their efforts in constructing economically affordable houses so as to solve the problems in the course of construction and sales as well as truly satisfy the housing demand of low income households. Various policies regarding the economically affordable houses should be strictly implemented and supervision should be strengthened in order to stop misconducts by some regulatory departments such as purchasing houses in disguised forms to seek unjustified gains. Cooperative housing construction using funds collectively raised shall be strictly controlled, while unjustified allocation of material benefits in the form of such housing construction based on administrative powers of some units must be prohibited.

(13) Actively developing the house secondary market and house leasing market. We should encourage residents to appropriately improve their housing conditions by means of exchange or rental. In the mean time, we should increase the supply of medium and low priced as well as medium and small sized houses from more sources.

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