Further adjusting and standardizing the order of the real estate market

(9) Strengthening supervision in the whole course of real estate construction. Projects approved but yet to be constructed must be planned and reviewed again. Projects failing to meet the planning requirements, with house unit structure exceeding the stipulations in particular, shall not be granted the planning license, construction license and commercial house pre-sale license. In case that the designs or the projects are altered without approval or houses are constructed violating stipulations, such house shall be dealt with according to laws or even confiscated.

(10) Conscientiously correcting irregularities in the real estate market. The real estate as well as the industrial and commercial administration authorities should investigate into and penalize conducts against laws and regulations such as contract frauds in the trading process, and should strengthen investigation and penalty on enterprises which grudge the sale of available houses, viciously speculate or bid up housing prices. In case that the misconducts are extremely grave and serious, economic fines shall be imposed on these enterprises according to laws and regulations till having their business licenses revoked and responsible officers held accountable for the consequence.

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